Hi chefs! I’ve just updated the submission guidelines to make it clear that it’s okay to submit your game anonymously. Just make up a new handle so we have some “name” to declare the winner, in the event that you win (though, of course, you don’t even have to reveal your identity in that case, if you don’t want to).

Apologies for not making that clear in the beginning, but this feels like the right policy for Game Chef and will likely be the case in future competitions as well. (Heck, we might even go back to requiring anonymity during the contest, as we did in 2007 or 2008, I forget which).

Obviously, those of you who have begun publicly discussing your design process may not be able to be fully anonymous, but it’s probably fair to say that most people aren’t following all the threads and posts out there, so you would probably still get partial benefits if you decided to go that route.

Next year, hopefully Joe can do a better job of making all this explicit from the beginning.

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