2012 Submissions

Congratulations on finishing a draft of your game! Here’s how you submit it:

Post the Following in the Comments Below

  • Chef(s): Your name/handle and those of your collaborators, if any. If you want to submit your game anonymously, that’s fine. Just make up a new handle.
  • Title: What your game is called.
  • Link: A hyperlink to your draft or a webpage with the download link. Please do not update the file attached to this link after you have submitted your game. Keep working on it if you like, but do so in a separate file, somewhere else.
  • Elevator Pitch: A Tweet-length (140-character) description of your game.
  • Word Count: The word count of your game’s text, not including optional supplemental materials. Should be 3,000 words or less, but if you’re over by a little (less than 100), we’re not going to split hairs.
  • Eligibility: If you are submitting a game for review but are not eligible to win (because you were a member of the secret advisory cabal this year, because your game is significantly longer than the 3,000 words, because you broke other rules, etc.), please mention that explicitly. You’re definitely still welcome to participate in the reviewing process, but you can’t compete for the crown. Please opt out on your own so I don’t feel the pressure to disqualify games.

Remember that submitting your game means that you are honor-bound to participate in the reviewing process, reading 4 games by other designers and recommending one to be considered for the overall winner of Game Chef 2012. You may end up being assigned games that are not eligible to win. That’s fine! Please be prepared to review them anyway, but only recommend an eligible game.

You will be assigned games to review and be given some brief instructions for doing so on April 15th and will have until April 22nd to submit your recommendation.

If you are not submitting your game, for whatever reason, but are willing to be an alternate reviewer in the case of someone being unable to do their duty, please also let me know below.

If you have any questions, please ask!

I will repost all games and descriptions on this page, to acknowledge that they have been received.

Submission Guidelines in Italian

Hai finito una bozza del tuo gioco, congratulazioni! Ecco come inviarlo… Specifica quanto segue nei commenti qui sotto:

  • Chef: Il tuo nome/soprannome e quello dei tuoi eventuali collaboratori. Se vuoi inviare il gioco in forma anonima puoi farlo, scegli semplicemente un nuovo alias.
  • Titolo: Il nome del gioco.
  • Link: Un collegamento alla tua bozza o a una pagina web che contiene il link da cui scaricare il gioco. Non aggiornare il file a cui punta questo link dopo aver consegnato il tuo gioco; puoi continuare a lavorarci se vuoi, ma fallo su un file nuovo e separato.
  • Presentazione-lampo: Una descrizione-tweet (140 caratteri) del tuo gioco.
  • Conteggio parole: Il numero di parole del testo del tuo gioco, escluso il materiale extra. Dovrebbe essere inferiore a 3.000 parole ma non faremo storie se sfori di un pochino (100 parole massimo).
  • Fuori gara: Se stai inviando un gioco per la fase di peer-review ma non puoi candidarti alla vittoria (perché hai fatto parte della congrega segreta di consiglieri di quest’anno, perché il tuo gioco è decisamente più lungo di 3.000 parole, perché hai infranto altre regole e così via) ti chiediamo di dirlo esplicitamente. Puoi assolutamente continuare a partecipare alla fase di peer review ma non puoi competere per il primo posto. Ti chiedo di specificarlo da subito, così da non essere costretto a squalificarti più avanti.

Ricorda che inviare un gioco significa prendersi anche carico della fase di valutazione, in cui leggerai 4 giochi di altri autori e ne voterai uno per la fase Pummarola, da cui emergeranno una manciata di giochi da tradurre in inglese e inviare alla fase finale, in cui si sceglierà il vincitore del Game Chef 2012. Potresti trovarti a dover valutare dei giochi fuori gara; ricordati di dare una valutazione anche a questi, ma di votarne solo uno candidabile alla vittoria.

Il 15 aprile ti saranno assegnati i giochi da valutare e riceverai alcune brevi istruzioni su come farlo. Avrai tempo fino al 22 aprile per inviare il tuo voto.

Se per qualunque ragione non invierai il tuo gioco ma vuoi renderti disponibile a fare da valutatore di riserva (in caso qualcuno non sia in grado di svolgere questo compito) faccelo sapere nei commenti.

Se ci sono domande falle pure!

Tutti i giochi ricevuti e le loro descrizioni saranno pubblicati su questa pagina, come conferma dell’invio.

Recieved Submissions (in English)

  1. Anansi’s Children by Neal Stidham
    Sacrifice what you hold dear to cut and burn the threads snarled by Coyote in Spider’s tapestry before She destroys everything in her rage.
  2. Lantern in The Dark (+ spoiler-free player’s guide) by Kyle Willey
    Damned sinners fight for redemption in a Gothic fantasy game where little is what it first seems.
  3. Fin de Siecle: A Scientific Romance (+ plain text) by James Mullen
    Victorian Fringe. In the world of H.G Wells and Jules Verne, it’s down to you to investigate and deal with abuses of science and technology.
  4. Keepers of the Lantern by Seth Ben-Ezra
    A light-hearted RPG poem about gossip, ritual, and the end of the world.
  5. Aokigahara by Julia Ellingboe
    A human and a kitsune find themselves in an infamous haunted forest with no way out.

  6. The Last Band by Kyle Willey
    Post-apocalyptic motorcycle racing mayhem with the power of music and copious explosions.
  7. The Coyote Lode by Troy M. Costisick
    In the Old West, a horrific mining accident turns the workers into zombies. Pull wealth out of the mine before it floods, OSR-style.
  8. Big Chiefs by Liam Burke
    A game for playing Dances with Wolves or any movie with the same plot. Save the natives with white power! Not that kind of white power.
  9. BRUJO by Tayler Stokes
    Cheat death with the help of a shamanistic sorcerer and escape the perilous night.
  10. Constructs of Azazael by Kyle Willey
    Homunculi fight an evil force to save the world without even knowing it.

  11. Another Day, Another Crisis by Jeff R.
    A one-on-one roleplaying game of Bronze Age/Chrome Age superheroic action featuring a deckbuilding mechanic.
  12. Whispers in the Dark by Jacob Possin / troc
    Coyote Teaches through pain. The Doctor seeks to save. Jack leads on a merry chase. The Will seeks to control. A game of Life and Loss.
  13. Crash / Lanterns of the Dead by Nick Wedig
    Two games in one! Cultures collide when a human astronaut is marooned on an alien world.
  14. The Superhero Survival Guide by Kyle Willey
    Survive a superhuman warzone on your way to a bomb shelter.
  15. HVE WATER by LordPapyrus_420
    You’re The Survivor, on a long solo hike through the wilderness. We’re The Loved Ones, we all lived in The City before everything went to hell.

  16. By Gaslight by Artexercise
    Victorian Era Geneticists and Masters of Mysticism track down the prodigy of Jack the Ripper.
  17. Lantern’s Legacy by Jason Pitre
    A game of final moments and future worlds. A game of desperate gods and doomed mortals.
  18. Lies of Passage by Lucas ‘Tor’ Garczewski
    A friendly story game of believable lies about young coyotes and their quest for fire.
  19. Tears in Rain by Alex Mayo
    Suffocating in a cryosleep chamber on a crippled starship millions of miles from Earth, can you come to terms with the ghosts of your past before you slip into the afterlife?
  20. Farewell, My Dear Post-Apocalypse by William Shattuck
    The post-apocalyptic wasteland you call home is about to get nuked. Spend your last days making some last emotional connections. Or handing out justice at a barrel of a gun. Whichever.

  21. <meta>forum</post> by Michael S. Miller
    A game about role-playing game enthusiasts active on The Forge from 2000 to 2012. Play on The Forge, about The Forge.
  22. ‘inkadia by Lester Ward
    Create a postapocalyptic setting by destroying an idyllic work of art by Tomas Kinkade.
  23. A King of Infinite Space by goblinblue
    Up to six aspects of the same psyche attempt to resolve a tangled problem in a dream.
  24. The Game In Last Appearances #4 by Paul Czege
    Three great superheroes threaten and insult and boast, determined to end each other’s romantic aspirations to the woman they all love.
  25. Sweating Seven by Samuel Briggson
    Yeah, there’s a cure for what’s killing you, kid, but there’s 7 walls between you & the only doc with it. Face it, you’ve got 2 weeks left.

  26. To Put Things Right by Antti Lax
    Realising that he is living his past again, Doctor begins his Last Chance to save his beloved and Put Things Right. A storytelling game for one player and up to three narrators.
  27. Therapy by Charles Boucher
    A game within a game with shared characters and hidden player identity, or else just a way for three people to mess with a fourth at length.
  28. Coyote Won’t Talk by Morgan Stinson
    Four Masks will make us Fox, Dog, Wolf and Coyote. A flashlight will be our lantern. Gathered around the fire at the end of the world, we will watch the stars go out and decide what the best thing about people was. Coyote won’t talk. Mostly.
  29. Beacon of Hope by Shari Corey
    Travel through time to undo Coyote’s sabotage and save humanity-But Coyote travels with you-Can you prove yourselves worthy?
  30. Getting There in Time by Dan Maruschak
    A lone Chronomaster and his human companions experience adventures as they travel through time and space.

  31. Coyote’s Winter by Mael Rimbault
    The characters are the last Coyotes, struggling to survive and adapt to human environment.
  32. Heist by Theresa Strike
    Synchronize your watches, because the police are on their way and time is running out.
  33. Agents of C.O.Y.O.T.E. by Mike Burnett
    The Agents of C.O.Y.O.T.E. try to prevent a crisis and achieve their goals, but are pursued by their evil future selves, the B.E.A.R.
  34. Coyotesong: a Game of Leaving by Joel P. Shempert
    A personal ritual game to play, with friends or alone, to say farewell to a place or context you are leaving.
  35. One Last Night (+ chart) by Abram Bussiere
    Ritual GMless drinking RPG about characters on the cusp of an apocalypse pursuing their final desires.

  36. Last Chance to Tell the Tale of Coyote and Medicine Man by Bryan Hansel
    Tell the story of creation in this story telling parlor game told at the end of the world. Includes a fire ring and shadow puppets.
  37. Like moths… by Artur Cnotalski and Szymon Gosek
    Dr. Moreau minions are fighting for survival within a twisted and deadly arena. Only the strongest will survive.
  38. EULA: the game (+ supplements) by Keyl and Zhaconda Sunders
    World’s going to end – and noone gives a damn. You try to save humanity – but what would you do, if everything you have just… expires?
  39. The murderers of Dr. Moreau by Anonymous Typing Monkey
    In the dying world young coyotes going to stop the father of the New Order. Ugly nihilistic story-game about the nature and civilization.
  40. True Men Don’t Kill Coyotes by Alex “il mietitore” Isabelle
    A game where you discover the sense that players gives to the murder, you perceive the interactions, and you explore the relativity.

  41. Coyote Doctor by Julian Hyde
    Godlike entities race against time to recover the Lantern in a dying universe, while the Coyote attempts to thwart them at every turn.
  42. Burning Opera by Vicenzi Giacomo
    A group of actors is stuck in a burning theater in Venice. They set up a last play before death about what they’d do if they had a last chance to do something before dying.
  43. Lantern, A Game of Entropy by Alla Hoffman
    People trying to finish Bucket Lists in a universe contracted to the point that everything is huddled together, here at the end of entropy.
  44. The Last Call of the Totem Spirits by Pedro Ziviani and Kairam Hamdan
    In the end of days, the last tribes must heed the call from the totem spirits and attempt to save creation from complete destruction.
  45. Coyote Apocalypse (+ play aid) by Stan Taylor
    A God’s Death & Rebirth. You are a splinter of the Coyote Spirit. All of your kind must quest for the skull and merge or the spirit will die forever. But not all spirits can come out on top.

  46. Most Likely To Succeed (+ battle cards) by Tom Lawrence and Josh Hall-Bachner
    Burn your yearbook, alienate your friends, and go totally insane in this phantasmagoric soap-opera Sucker Punch x Battle Royale beat-em-up.
  47. A Small Piece of the Sun (+ sheet + supplement) by Keith Stetson
    The trickster Coyote attempts to save the First People by stealing fire. He is opposed by the great Totems: Armadillo, Beaver, and Crow – and occasionally fire itself.
  48. Last Chance by Pat Gamblin
    High action agents investigating a Lantern Corporation lab find something horrible. Save the world before time runs out.
  49. The Last Word by Orion Canning
    A writing team unwittingly telling the story of the end of the world, with playing card story prompts and Coyote trolling the story.
  50. Coyotes in Dark Alleyways by Peter Borah (PeterBB)
    Dr. Alex Stokes is an urban coyote researcher and massive badass. Good thing, too, because things are about to become really weird.

  51. This Match is Scheduled for One Fall by Nathan D. Paoletta
    Play different aspects of two professional wrestlers, their Gimmicks and the Real man underneath, as they compete in a final match.
  52. First Impressions by Mendel Schmiedekamp
    First Impressions is part game, part ice-breaker, part trust building exercise, and part personality test.
  53. Becoming (game only available as necessary) by Joseph Le May
    A structured freeform coming-of-age tale about a group of young friends trying to find their way home and learning what it means to grow up.
  54. Oath of Steel by Jeffrey Fuller
    Will Champions defend a legacy of madness to preserve the virtues for which they swore the oath? Or, will they give into the blind hatred?
  55. Epistolary: A Game of Monsters and Letters (+ supplement) by Ed Turner
    A story told through letters and newspaper articles: heroes in a small town seek out a monster which may be disguised as one of their own.

  56. Our Last Best Hope (+ death cards) by Mark Truman / Magpie Games
    You, and your team, are Humanity’s last best hope for survival in the face of an apocalyptic Crisis.
  57. Rage, Rage by David Miessler-Kubanek
    A RPG about the last chance for hope in the face of futility and madness.
  58. Snowy Mountain Syndrome by Jason A. Petrasko
    Trapped in a storm, facing death, in the old west: Who will survive? and more importantly, can you stop the Coyote from doing so?
  59. Into the Void by Kira Scott
    A one session game of existential identity crisis in the isolation of space.
  60. Dark Beast, Dark Name by Scott C.
    The Doctor has invited you to search your minds for a beast that has been running amok in his fair city. An attempt at mixing a surrealist drawing game with roleplaying, & adding actual stakes.

  61. Coyote Pass by David Miessler-Kubanek
    A RPG about smugglers searching for identity and life beyond the Edge.
  62. Monsters of Glam by Matthew Sullivan-Barrett
    Idealist rockers on one last tour. Will they honor their dream or tear each other apart? Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders From Mars as an RPG.
  63. Three Card Coyote by Todd Zircher
    The Trickster God has to give up his power on Earth. With the other gods sitting around a poker table, Coyote decides on a different sort of game…
  64. Task Force Trickster by Jonathan Janssen
    Agents of Coyote travel through time and space maintaining the trickster’s tricks.
  65. Spirit Quest by David Miessler-Kubanek
    A RGP of adversity and enlightenment among spirits over the fate of your tribe.

  66. Kobold Engineer by Laura Simpson
    The apprentices of Coyote, the infamous Dungeoneer, compete for his approval and for the opportunity to succeed him as the Kobold Engineer.
  67. Young Turks at the Cafe by Zachary Donovan
    You play intellectual elites, sipping coffee and musing over how to fix other people’s problems. Maybe you even fix them.
  68. Walk Through The Forge by Dev Purkayastha / FGJ Games
    Epic narrativist wargame spanning multiple characters, powered by tarot cards.
  69. The Words by greyorm
    A GM-less card game about dark magic and martial arts in the gritty downtown streets — with mutants, madness, crime-fighting, and inner demons made manifest.
  70. The Terminal Hours by Jonathan Bolding
    The dying characters navigate a spiritual minefield in their final hours to fulfill their dying wishes, they’ll never succeed if they don’t cooperate, but they won’t all succeed if they do. Any could die at any moment.

  71. Handle with care by Jackson Tegu
    One night, in a city of cardboard boxes, a group of players act as sneaky giant monsters and peer into the lives of four uncertain humans.
  72. To Travel These Pathways by Abi
    A giant dreams as she sleeps, and those who travel light the pathways of her thoughts. To be played while hiking in a forest at night.
  73. Liminal by Robert Bruce
    A body-snatching mimic learns how to inhabit the life of a migrant worker. Or not.
  74. The Lady and the Tower by Joel P. Shempert
    A florid Medieval tale of romance, tragedy and blasphemy., with tearaway character sheets to uncover shocking revelations!
  75. The Entropy Game by LordPapyrus_420
    Compete to pull back the veneer of finite grace and reveal the raw churning underbelly of infinite, constant destruction beneath, then do so.

  76. Area 51 Blackout by David Berg
    A secret govt zone goes dark. Stuck in a body with two other minds, can you stop the coming doom, deal with Area 51, and find your body?
  77. A Delicate Operation by Daniel “Sp4m” Weishoff
    A Parlor game with an emphasis on social dynamics and communication. Players are tasked with a simple puzzle, some helping, some secretly hindering.
  78. Drone Home by Christina B
    In the post-Apocalyptic future, diseased monsters roam the ravaged world, leaving humans to hide in the light, fighting to survive.
  79. InGendarme by Dave M
    Mechs as world police and the Security Arm of the UN.
  80. The Eleventh Hour (+ characters + cults) by Mike Olson
    This is a game about a group of cultists working in the shadows to bring about the end of the world — and one jerk who wants to spoil everything.

  81. The Simurg by Chris Edwards
    Go on a quest to wake the ancient and immortal Simurg. It’s your last chance to revive your childhood dreams.
  82. Shady Grove by Daniel “Sp4m” Weishoff
    A competitive card game where players assume the role of the same man during different parts of his life.

Recieved Submissions (in Italian)

  1. Quando Coyote visitò la Terra, e dei guai che ne venirono by Ezio Melega
    Fai delle scelte: l’audacia e il pericolo della magia o la grigiasicurezza del mondo comune? C’è qualcosa di tanto importante per te da frenare la follia di Coyote?

    On Coyote’s visit to Earth, and the trouble that followed: Choose between the brave, perilous magic and the drab safety of the common world. Is there anything important enough to you to stop Coyote’s madness?

  2. Precious – La cosa più preziosa al mondo by Iacopo Frigerio
    Un gioco veloce e facile, per 4 o 5 giocatori, che parla della vita vissuta dai condannati a morte e dei loro ultimi attimi di vita. Masterless, usa una plancia di gioco per risolvere i conflitti.

    Precious – The most valuable thing in the world: A quick and easy game, for 4-5 players, about the life and the last days of death row inmates. There’s no GM, and conflicts are solved on a board.

  3. Novanta minuti by Matteo Turini
    Un gioco per tre persone sulla relazione fra un padre e un figlio, e sull’ultima occasione che potrebbero avere di rivedersi.

    Ninety Minutes: A game for 3 players about the relationship between a father and a son, and what could be their last chance to meet.

  4. Veglia by Andrea Vigiak
    Il gioco che non vorresti mai giocare. E che ti capiterà di dover provare. Perché tutto finisce.

    Wake: The game you wish you’d never play. And the one you’ll end up playing eventually. Because everything comes to an end.

  5. The Last One by Alberto Tronchi
    Hai presente l’ultimo film horror post apocalittico che hai visto? Peggio, ma con te dentro!

    The Last One: Do you remember the last post-apocalyptic horror movie you watched? This is worse, but you’re in it!

  6. Come si cambia il mondo by Daniele Melis
    Uno sciamano prescelto e tre spiriti, dediti a risolvere i problemi del mondo per stabilire un nuovo ordine cosmico. Gioco diceless per quattro giocatori.

    How to change the world: A chosen shaman and three spirits, dedicate themselves to solve the world’s issues and establish a new cosmic order. A diceless game for 4 players.

  7. Colpevoli! by Vicenzi Giacomo
    Il procuratore cercherà di incastrare una banda di criminali per un gravissimo reato, mentre questi si scaricano le colpe minori a vicenda.

    Guilty! The DA will try to prosecute a gang for a terrible crime, as the members blame each other for minor issues.

  8. L’Ombra del Cambiamento by Luca Ricci
    Cerca di salvare il mondo dal Cambiamento, hai solo una possibilità. Se fallisci, solo qualcun’altro potrà riprovarci.

    The Shadow of Change: Try to save the World from the Change; you’ve got only one try. If you fail, someone can only try in future.

  9. MEMENTO MORI: un gioco sulla teoria mimetica e un disastroso epilogo by Francesco Rugerfred Sedda, assistito da Edoardo Taloni, Deborah Zucchetti, Damiano Calenzo e Lorenzo Labruna
    Un gruppo di personaggi guidati da un leader va incontro ad un disastroso epilogo a causa di una forza contraria.

    Memento Mori: a game about mimetic theory and a dreadful epilogue — A team of characters follows its leader to a calamitous epilogue due to an opposing force.

  10. L’ora più buia by Lavinia Fantini
    Un gruppo di viaggiatori scopre da uno straniero che fra di loro vi è un assassino. Chi lo scoprirà entrerà nelle grazie dello sconosciuto.

    The Darkest Hour: A group of travelers learns from a stranger that there’s a murderer in their midst. The one who’ll manage to uncover the murderer will get in the stranger’s good graces.

  11. Ultramondo, accetti la sfida? by Davide Losito
    Joe gioca ad Ultramondo, un MMORPG che sta per chiudere e deve sconfiggere Megatherionix, il boss più difficile.

    Ultraworld – will you rise to the challenge? Joe plays Ultraworld, a MMORPG that is closing down. He has to defeat the toughest boss, Megatherionix.

  12. Coyote, Spirito Guida (+ rules only) by Patrick Marchiodi
    Lo Spirito Guida del Coyote ha bisogno dell’aiuto dei Giocatori per dimostrarsi degno di aiutare gli altri.

    Coyote, Spirit Guide: Coyote, to be a proper Spirit Guide, needs the players’ help to prove he’s worthy of helping people.

  13. Ultimo Viene il Coyote by Daniele Di Rubbo
    L’Apocalisse del Dr. Tezcatlipocalisse divora la Madre Terra, ma la Lanterna di Jack risveglia i Coyote che lotteranno per il lieto fine.

    Last Comes Coyote: Dr. Tezcalipocalypse’s Apocalypse is devouring Mother Earth, but Jack’s Lantern wakes the Coyotes who will fight for a happy ending.

  14. Figli del Sole (+ scheda + tabella) by Lavinia Fantini
    In un mondo fantastico, i figli di un sole morente cercano di scoprire qual è la loro strada.

    Children of the Sun: In a world of fantasy, the children of a dying sun try to find their way in life.

  15. Dott. Coyote by Giulia Cursi, Matteo Suppo e Simone Micucci
    Il Dott. Willy D. Coyote sta valutando candidati per sostituirlo. Chi avrà l’onore di essere sbeffeggiato da un’irritante creaturina per il resto della sua esistenza?

    Dr. Coyote: Dr. Willy D. Coyote is screening applicants for his replacement. Who will receive the honor of being mocked by an annoying little creature for the rest of their life?


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