Past Years

Game Chef has been a proud tradition for at least ten years, dating back to primordial contests on the Gaming Outpost before being revived in 2002 by Mike Holmes on the Forge. Though Game Chef was a hit from the very beginning, 2004 is perhaps the most notorious of the years Mike administered Game Chef, since a host of that year’s games would go on to make a splash as commercially published games: The Mountain Witch, Polaris, Ganakagok, The Dance & the Dawn, etc.

In 2005, Mike passed the baton to Story Games administrator Andy Kitkowski and the contest moved to 1KM1KT for two years before shifting to its own dedicated forum in 2007. 2007 was, so far in our history, Game Chef’s biggest year, producing 82 games. The following year, 2008, featured the unique Artists First! format administered by guest Master Chefs Ben Lehman, Remi Treuer, and Jeff Bent, in addition to Andy.

The baton was passed to me in 2009, and I scrambled to put something together late in the year, leading to an experiment in which design discussions took place on individual blogs but were aggregated together in two giant feeds. 2010 marks a return to both the Forge and 1KM1KT, as Game Chef discussions spread out into multiple forums for the first time, and a return to Mike’s original 2002 rules format in an effort to keep things simple.

More information about previous years’ contests can be found below.

Primordial Game Chef
Game Chef 2002
Game Chef 2003
Game Chef 2004
Game Chef 2005
Game Chef 2006
Game Chef 2007
Game Chef 2008
Game Chef 2009
Game Chef 2010


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