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Many drafts produced in Game Chef have gone on to be revised, playtested, and developed into commercially or informally published games. Others still see semi-regular play by individual groups or at conventions and meetups, despite only existing in alpha or beta drafts. This page attempts to provide an index to all previous Game Chef games, though it is a work in progress.

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2003: Sign in Stranger, Tooth & Claw
2004: The Dance and the Dawn, Ganakagok, The Mountain Witch, Polaris
2005: 1984 Prime, Bacchanal, Blood and Bronze, Carry, The Shab-al-Hiri Roach
2006: Committee for the Exploration of Mysteries, The Holmes and Watson Committee
2007: A Penny for My Thoughts
2008: Escape from Tentacle City, Spectre of the Beast
2009: Of Sky and Sea
2010: Chronicles of Skin
2011: Forsooth!, The Daughters of Verona, Durance, The Play’s The Thing, Serpent’s Tooth
2012: Burning Opera, Our Last Best Hope

Submitted Games By Year

2002:  The Court of Nine Chambers, Eclipse of the Masked Continent, Horus, The Pale Continent, Stars Over Africa, Toward One, Suliman’s Court.
2003: Vulcan’s Forge, Songs of the Dead, Vesuvius!, Sign in Stranger, Songs of Distant Spheres, SuperCity, Ubel They: Song of the Blood Spheres, Daemons of Strife and Love, Foul Blood, Obscurity, Tiki God, Volcanoes and Glaciers: Bloodsong of the Spheres, Blood Songs of the Volcanic Sphere, Politiks, Tooth & Claw, In Your Element Out of this World, Precious Fluid.
2004: At the Dawn, Broken Vows: The Dawn of Final Judgment, Chanter, Children of the North: Assault on the Frozen Isles of the Lich-Lord, Dawn of the Day of the Monsters, Dawnstorm, Dawn-Winds, Diamonds Are Forever, Dilmun–The Islands of Dawn: Assault on Black Ice, Fantasy Icebreaker #1: The Dragon’s Lair, Four Walls and a Funeral: Roleplaying Behind Bars, Frigid Bitch, Ganakagok: Dawn Breaks Upon the Island of Ice, God Lore: The Chronicles of the Immortals, Habbakuk: The Iceberg Ship, Ice, IceRunner: A Dweomerpunk Fantasy Setting, Island at the Dawn of Time, Isol, Polaris, Seadog Tuxedo, Snow Day! or Fort Joey Must Fall!, Snow From Korea, Terminator Line: Roleplaying at 1700 kph, Terra Australis, The Arabian Nights On Ice Family Spectacular, The Battle of the Frozen Waste, The Brotherhood, The Dance and the Dawn, The Dangerous Island of Much Treasure and Terror!, The Days and Nights of Onna Oa, The Fall of Atlantis and the Dawn of Human History, The Mountain Witch, Trouble in the Island Kingdoms, Whispers in the Door: A Snow from Korea Variation, Wizards of Ice and Twilight.
2005: 1984 Prime, Bacchanal, Baihua, BarQuest, Beneath a High Pillow, Blood and Bronze, Carry, Charles the Bald is Superf***ed, City of Brass, City of the Moon, Companion Fever, Dueling Papers: San Francisco Edition, Founding Fathers, Guilty Before God, In the Grove, In the Name of Titania Regina, Invincible!, Invincible Hench, Jackals and Hounds, Malleus Maleficarum, Morpho Londinium, Myrmidon, Labyrinthiathan, Operation Foole, Revolution, Sand, Savegame, Sedition!, The Dinner Party, The Doomed Assault on the Fire Moon, The Gentlemen’s Entymology Club, The Hour Between Dog and Wolf, The Last Supper, The Shab-Al-Hiri Roach, The Stalk Across All Worlds, Worker’s Paradise, XVIII.
2006: We Have the Technology, Tippling, Time Traitor, Three Dooms, The Perfect Laws, The Marriage of Persephone, The Incredible Ninja Drinking Game, The Glass Bead Game, The Dynasty, The Baubles of Hamlin, The Path, The Opposite of People, The Fortieth Annual Meeting, The Committee for the Exploration of Mysteries, Terra Nova, Team Steel on Trial, Tapas the Sampling, T-Minus, Stained Glass, Someone to Love, Repertoire, Psykhotherapy, Play Right, Pinnacle Empty Quiver, Our Steel the Kings Law, Our Guardian Devils, Oh So Little Death, The Right Hand of Mr. Big, Moral Fiber Optic, Mississippi Steel, Merryweather, Many Deaths of Dr. Livingstone, Liquid Crystal, Kristallnacht, Kingdom of Glass, Hubris, Holmes and Watson Committee, Heroes Die, Hegemony, Heart of Glass, Euthymia, Esdemere, Escape from Prince Charming, One More Hour, Dialectic, Decade, Crime & Punishment, Countdown, Council of the Magisters, Comp Time, Colorless Green Ideas Sleep Furiously, Champions of the Gods, Capital of the Eternal Century, Cage of Reason, Broken, Brave New Economy, Annals of Autumn and Spring, Ancient Dreams Glass Towers, Ancient Committee is an Emo Band, All Thieves Are Gay Anyway, A Man Called Tribe.
2007: Acts: The Greatest Entertainment in the World, A Penny for My Thoughts, The Book of Threads, Department Nine, Doloris, Fade, Gangs at War, Know Thyself, Schizonauts: The Mnemonic Conspiracy, The Weavers’ Daughters, Young Adult RPG, Heart of the Rose, Grover Cleveland, Thorns and Blossoms, Hunter Rose, Children of the Magi, The Dream Merchants, The Red Death, Eidolon, Remembrance, Lost Days of Memory and Madness, Last Days of the Kingdom, Bone White Blood Red, Home Sweet Home, Stitch, Faust and Friends, Decommissioned, The Paths, Juicy Rider, The Desert Rose, The Saltwater Rose, Anachrocosmic, Byzantine Nights, Shamanal, Pilgrimage, Silent Archaea, Versailles, Yakuza Palace, Schemata, The Hollow, Mnemonic Ghosts, Poking the Emperor, Courtroom Clash, And Then You Die, Shards of a Dying God, Temple of the Sacred Harlot, Magic Rose, Shattered Minds, The Novikov Principle, Time’s Knot Garden, Sacred Heroes, Space Adventure, Land of a Thousand Kings, Thread Dysfunction, Hypdroid, How We Met, Palace of Mental Hygiene, Grassroots: The Roleplaying Game of Public Opinion, Meiun: The Year of Destiny, Ariadne’s Caretakers, The Red Death, Together, Sacred Bone, The Rose Duels, Titanium Hearts, In the Beginning, I Forget What Eight Was For, Overthrow, Head Spaces, What Remains, Absolute Destiny Apocalypse, Games of the Gods, The Speed of Forgetting, Take Back of Freedom: Fire Chronicle, Cocaine, Causality!, Scheherezade: The Sultan‘s Palace, Host, In the Company of Strangers, The Grafted Rose: Dire Division in the Tudor Royal House, Nothing Sacred, Blink Dawg, and and a few more whose names I can’t find.
2008: 618, For Mature Audiences, The Great City, Tiki Wars, House of Masks, Apathy: The Calling, Stigmata, Guardians of Eden, Der Branekrieg, Tales of Destiny, Awakening, By My Works, Acts of Creation, The Dreamer’s Genii, Daemon RPG, The Autumn War, Jackknife, Prehistoric Ties, Get Out of Infernopolis, Spectre of the Beast, The Three Clans, Serpentine: The Girl in the Maze, Deadline, and many more whose names I can’t find.
2009: The Adventures of Sir Working Title, A Sea Deep, Cursed and Rotting, Boile de Muertre, Caribbean Secrets, Conspiracy of Strings, Dead Running, Final Hour of a Storied Age: A Roleplaying Game of Epic Fantasy, Honor by Day, I’m a Pretty Princess!, Intrigue onboard the Fleur-de-lis, The Knights of the Lily, Land of Ill Harvest: A Game of Brutal Horror and Quiet Miracles, Mappa Mundorum, The Miriam Incongruity, Mutiny on the Seabird, Noble Houses of the Seabird, OdE, Seabird and Stella, Seabirds vs. Dividers, Slow Burn, Steampunk Crescendo, Transhumanism: An Intricate Affair.
2010: Danger Mountain!, Paths of the Resolute, The 7 Symbols of San Rio, A Trick of the Light, Pub Crawl: Take the Edge Off, Nowhere Road, Never to Die, My God’s Bigger Than Your God, Long Shot, Brachininae, Walkers in The Witchery Way, Memoir, World Riddle, The Hand of Gulliver the Man-Mountain, Chronicles of Skin, The Chaos Lords and the Desert of Death, Burial at Crossroads, The Doldrums, Symbolon, Last Chance USA, If Wishes Were Horses, What Happened Here, In Between, Walkabout, After the Fall, Fall of Granada, In Skin City You Need an Edge, Cosmic Journey, A City, Red Land Black Land, A Sojourn in Alexandria, Edge City, City in Darkness, Broken Dreams, Skin City Romance, Sojourn: The City and the Desert, Under the Sun, Pilgrim, Deserting Paradise, Going Home: An Urban Power Fantasy, The Book of Sands: A Story of Our People, Maddenhafen, The City: On the Edge of Humanity, Desert Journey, Man-of-Letters Man-of-Wars: A Game of Tactical Correspondence with a Chance of Drowning, Sparks from the Fire, Action City!, Egregore, Silver and White, Burning Your Skin, Bridge Across Eternity, Skin Men, In Your Own Skin, Edge of Annihilation: The Last City, The Perfect Tool, Omphalos, A Journey, Over the Wall, Finders.
2011: A Beautiful Death; A Clockwork Spiral; A Midsummer Night’s Scheme; A Serpent’s Tooth; All the World; All’s Well That Ends as You Like It; An Improbable Fiction; Anastasia: Legacy of Romanovs; As I Am Woman; Blood Tragedy; Blood, Love, and Rhetoric; Blood. Lines.; Cardenio’s Daughter, or “Follow the Lady”; Chaucer’s Daughter Lost; Daughters of Exile; Daughters of the Terran Revolution; Drama Club; Drama on the Lawn; Durance; Exiles of Will; Faded Glamour; Fates; Forsaken; Forsooth!; Forsworn!; Genesis Undone: A Tragedy in Five Acts; Globe Records; Go Puck Yourself; Isabella’s Exile; Lords of Titania; Men of Stones; Miranda’s Gambit; My Daughter, The Queen of France; No More Bards; On This, the Day of My Daughter’s Wedding; Poor Players; Prospero Station; Redemption: One Night in Pursuit; Return to Canopy Kingdom; Revenge of the Groundlings; Shakespeare’s Daughters; Shakespeare’s Not Boring!; Shakesplatter 16k: Dire Adventure into the Spearemageddon; Star-Crossed Lovers; Stratford-On-Avon: A Midsummer’s Nightmare; Succession; Tales from the Floodplain: A Rude Mechanicals Adventure; Tempest in a Tea Cup; Tempest Planet; The Bard’s Daughters; The Daughter of Padua; The Daughters of Verona; The Exiles’ Tragedy; The Faerie Court; The Fair Folk & the Wyrd Sisters: A Tragic Comedy of Love & Death; The Fairy’s Hart; The Gentlefae of Cremona; The Great Bard; The Lost Years; The Night, the Wilderness, and the Power; The Play’s The Thing ; The Temptress; The Trouble with Rose; The Wyrd Wood; We Can’t Find Shakspeare’s Head; You and Me.
2012: forthcoming.

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