2013 Winner

We judges have reached our conclusion. After independently reviewing and critiquing the ten finalists, we came together and reached a consensus about our Winner and our Runner-Up.

Our judges were: Hans Chung-Otterson (of We Are Lost in Play), Lilian Cohen-Moore (a journalist and games writer), and Allegra Selzer (of The Walking Eye podcast), and myself, Joe Mcdaldno (of Buried Without Ceremony).

A banner that reads: "Click here to read our critiques of all ten amazing finalists."

This year produced an unbelievable wealth of compelling ideas, elegant executions, brilliant sparks, and wonky learning opportunities. This batch of finalists was thoroughly exciting, both in its diversity and in the density of cool ideas present among them.

It was tough, but we reached consensus on a Runner-Up and also a Winner.

The Runner-Up wove the setting of their game right into its mechanics, forcing characters to make hard choices about whether to cooperate to the bitter end, or succumb to competition as the incentives piled up. You all owe it to yourself to check out out…

Runner-Up: Finding Haven, by Manu Saxena.

A badge for Manu Saxena

And finally, with its acerbic wit, polished text, and mechanics that tie in tightly with both theme and fiction, it’s time to print out some papercraft dolls so that you can play…

Winner: Paper Tigers, by Ashok Desai.

Ashok’s game will now go on to compete in an international round with the winners of French Game Chef, Italian Game Chef, and Game Chef Brasil.

A badge for Ashok Desai

Congratulations to all of our participants, all of our finalists, Manu Saxena, and Ashok Desai. You are all titans of creativity and splendor. This has been fun.


Ashok Desai’s game went on to contend in the World Championships with the winners of Italian Game Chef, French Game Chef, and Game Chef Brasil. Want to learn more? Read on here.


5 responses to “2013 Winner

  • Ash

    Wow… um… really don’t know what to say here. I wasn’t expecting Paper Tigers to do so well, and I really wasn’t expecting to win the English Language leg of the game! Whew… what a bit of news to wake up to eh?

    Congratulations also to Manu, to all the other finalists, and to everyone else who took part! As far as I’m concerned, everyone’s a winner here. The prize just happens to be something that everyone can share : a lot of cool new games to play!

  • shlopoto

    Congratulations! I’m going to read your game right now. =)

  • Manu

    Well said Ash, and congrats again to you! For me it was an honor for Finding Haven just to be in the company of so many awesome games. I’d never really gotten much encouragement before for my stumbling attempts at game writing, so this means a lot .

  • Tartofrez » Blog Archive » Gamechef 2013 : le vainqueur !

    […] vous encourageons donc à : + à découvrir les vainqueurs des autres éditions du concours : Anglais, Italien, Portugais + à découvrir les autres jeux proposés en français ; + et, quoi […]

    • Ash

      Merci pour ça, je me demandais où je pourrais trouver les entrées pour les autres langues. (Excusez mon français, je suis en utilisant Google Translate)

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