2013 Submissions

Congratulations on finishing a draft of your game! Here’s how you submit it:

Post the Following in the Comments Below

  • Chef(s): Your name/handle and those of your collaborators, if any. If you want to submit your game anonymously, that’s fine. Just make up a new handle.
  • Title: What your game is called.
  • Link: A hyperlink to your draft or a webpage with the download link. Please do not update the file attached to this link after you have submitted your game. Keep working on it if you like, but do so in a separate file, somewhere else.
  • Elevator Pitch: A Tweet-length (140-character) description of your game.
  • Word Count: The word count of your game’s text, not including optional supplemental materials. Should be 4,000 words or less, but if you’re over by a little (less than 100), we’re not going to split hairs.
  • A way for reviewers to contact you with feedback: This could be your email address or a thread on Praxis, for example. This can be included within the text of your game or within the comment you submit here.
  • Eligibility: If you are submitting a game for review but are not eligible to win (because you were a member of the secret advisory cabal this year, because your game is significantly longer than the 4,000 words, because you broke other rules, etc.), please mention that explicitly. You’re definitely still welcome to participate in the reviewing process, but you can’t compete for the crown. Please opt out on your own so I don’t feel the pressure to disqualify games.

Remember that submitting your game means that you are honor-bound to participate in the reviewing process, reading 4 games by other designers and recommending one to be considered for the overall winner of Game Chef 2013. You may end up being assigned games that are not eligible to win. That’s fine! Please be prepared to review them anyway, but only recommend an eligible game.

You will be assigned games to review and be given some brief instructions for doing so on May 30th and will have until June 7th to submit your recommendation.

If you are not submitting your game, for whatever reason, but are willing to be an alternate reviewer in the case of someone being unable to do their duty, please also let me know below.

If you have any questions, please ask!

Check back here on May 30th to see the posted list of games and all review assignments.

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