2013 Finalists!

Each Game Chef participant peer-reviewed four games and recommended one to move forward as a finalist. With our 92 recommendations now in, each game that received 3+ recommendations moves forward as a finalist!

From now until June 12th, our clutch of finalist judges will review these ten finalists. We’ll gather some words of encouragement and critique for each of them, and by consensus choose one to be crowned the 2013 Game Chef Winner (English).

The winner will go on to compete in a translated-into-common-tongue World Champion bout with the winners from Game Chef Brasil, Italian Game Chef, and French Game Chef. Very exciting stuff.

Our judges four: Hans Chung-Otterson (of We Are Lost in Play), Lilian Cohen-Moore (a journalist and games writer), and Allegra Selzer (of The Walking Eye podcast), and myself, Joe Mcdaldno (of Buried Without Ceremony).

Our finalists ten…

As Above
By Emily Care Boss
Fairy tale storytelling rpg, set at the crossroads of the worlds.
(3 nominations!)

CHROMA Team VS The Terrorlights
By Daniel McKenna
Members of the superhero/sentai group, Chroma Team, battle it out with giant kaiju monsters created by the evil Terrorlights.
(3 nominations!)

Finding Haven
By Manu Saxena
A sci-fi rpg where V meets Logan’s Run in space. (3 nominations!)

Last Winter’s Lights
By Marc Majcher
Tell the stories of intrigue between courtiers trapped in a snowbound castle, jostling for status as the King tries to remove the icy curse. Cards here. (3 nominations!)

The Merlin Worm
By Josh Porter
Mind-controlling parasites are travelling back in time through memories to destroy all humans at the source. There is one in your brain and you must not let anyone know or super soldiers from the future will murder you. (3 nominations!)

Paper Tigers
By Ashok Desai
It’s election time in the Cardboard Utopia, and every last sleazy, poe-faced, backstabbing politico wants a piece of the action! (4 nominations!)

By Keith Stetson and Clarissa Baut Stetson
Reconsolidation is a collaborative storytelling card game about navigating the corridors of memory to free a patient from the burden of a repressed traumatic memory. (3 nominations!)

By Ed Turner
A group of scientists, the evolved descendants of rats, roaches, crows, and raccoons, comb through an old, abandoned human skyscraper. (4 nominations!)

The Posthuman Doorways
By Jason Pitre
A transhuman future, explore the lives of characters offered enlightenment and evolution. Are you willing to sacrifice your humanity? (3 nominations!)

The Worlds Above and Below
By Michael Sands
You and your friends find yourselves in strange, fantastic worlds, and the locals need you to be heroes. (3 nominations!)

Bravo to the ten of you! And while I’m at it, bravo to the ninety-two of you that submitted a game. You made something!

Below are a badge and a banner that the finalists are free to download, resize, and share anywhere they see fit. (If you were a participant, you can find your badge here.)

Game Chef Finalist Badge

Game Chef Finalist Banner

Finalist reviews will be completed and shared by June 12th, with a grand winner declared!


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