2013 Badges

You did something amazing: you created a game. And maybe it’s rushed. Maybe it’s unfinished. Maybe it’s in dire need of some rethinking. That doesn’t matter right now. What matters is you created something in a world where we’re all far too often told to leave it to the professionals.

I’m impressed. You deserve a badge, to wear upon your digital lapel with pride. So I created some for you. Scale them down to fit your blog sidebar, your avi, or whatever. (Please only take the ones you’ve earned.)


An introductory image containing the words "Game Chef Badge Gallery"

Game Chef Participant Badge              Game Chef Finalist Badge

A badge for Manu Saxena             A badge for Ashok Desai

Game Chef Participant Banner

Game Chef Finalist Banner

A banner for Manu Saxena

A banner for Ashok Desai


3 responses to “2013 Badges

  • The Boulder

    They look good. Are you going to do a third badge for the winner? Are similar badges being made for the non-English game chefs?

    • joemcdaldno

      There will be a badge for the English winner, and also a badge for the international grand champion.

      The non-English Game Chef organizers have been given the badge template files, and hopefully they’ll create some to share with their creative communities.

  • Ryan (@SaedarK)

    Love the badges! I look forward to see who the English, International and Grand Champion winners are!

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