Reviewing Begins!

After a couple of debacles, we’re finally ready to officially kick-off peer-reviewing. One debacle is that the keyboard on my laptop stopped working, so I’m typing this on my girlfriend’s computer, whose “wireless” card has to be manually plugged into the router to get internet access.

The other debacle is that I avoided two problems related to chefs submitting multiple games but fell into a third, unanticipated trap. To quote the former U.S. Secretary of Defense, it’s always those “unknown unknowns” that get ya! Consequently, while nobody is assigned to review their own game, a few games have been assigned to be reviewed by the same person multiple times. If this happens to you, contact me (jaywalt, gmail) and we’ll work something out.

If you happen to be assigned the game of a close friend, or one that you assisted during the design process, there’s already active threads on both Story Games and The Forge for trading review assignments.

If you have any other concerns or issues, please let me know, but be patient! I still have to eat, sleep, and go to work like normal (I know, crazy, right?) and may not be able to address your problem immediately, especially due to my lack of a functional computer.

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