New Record: 97 Games

Congratulations, folks! I think everybody’s listed now.

Next up: making sure all the links work and assigning peer-reviewers. Hopefully that’ll be done sometime tomorrow! (In future years, we might think about instituting a “submit only your best game” policy, due to the complications created by submitting multiple games. It boosts our “numbers,” but slows down the admin and reviewing process considerably. Still, I am super impressed with everyone who submitted more than one game. Hats off to you!)


2 responses to “New Record: 97 Games

  • Orion Canning

    I made 2 games but, since they were mostly versions of the same game I bundled them together. I wanted to make a third version but I didn’t have time. And I was worried it would mess up the process if I submitted them separately, and I was too lazy to look into the details of submitting two. But yeah, definitely great to see lots of people making two games in such a short window.

  • Liam Burke

    Hey, Jon: Nice work running the biggest Game Chef ever! The link to my game doesn’t work — if you cut the “/edit” at the end, Docs links stop working. Don’t worry, it won’t actually allow anybody to edit the game.

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