2011 Submissions

Congratulations on finishing a draft of your game! Here’s how you submit it:

Post the Following in the Comments Below

  • Chef(s): Your name/handle and those of your collaborators, if any.
  • Title: What your game is called.
  • Link: A hyperlink to your draft or a webpage with the download link. Please do not update the file attached to this link after you have submitted your game. Keep working on it if you like, but do so in a separate file, somewhere else.
  • Elevator Pitch: A Tweet-length (140-character) description of your game.
  • Word Count: The word count of your game’s text, not including optional supplemental materials. Should be 3,000 words or less, but if you’re over by a little (less than 100), we’re not going to split hairs.
  • Eligibility: If you are submitting a game for review but are not eligible to win (because you were a member of the secret advisory cabal this year, because your game is significantly longer than the 3,000 words, because you ended up writing a game that’s not about Shakespeare, etc.), please mention that explicitly. You’re definitely still welcome to participate in the reviewing process, but you can’t compete for the crown. Please opt out on your own so I don’t feel the pressure to disqualify games (I said I wouldn’t and don’t want to).
  • Early Review: Now closed. Reviewing info will be posted on Monday.

Remember that submitting your game means that you are honor-bound to participate in the reviewing process, reading 3-4 games by other designers and recommending one to be considered for the overall winner of Game Chef 2011. You may end up being assigned games that are not eligible to win. That’s fine! Please be prepared to review them anyway, but only recommend an eligible game.

You will be assigned games to review and be given some brief instructions for doing so on July 25th and will have until July 30th to submit your recommendation.

If you are not submitting your game, for whatever reason, but are willing to be an alternate reviewer in the case of someone being unable to do their duty, please also let me know below.

If you have any questions, please ask them here or in one of the stickied question threads on the Game Chef forum.

I will repost all games and descriptions on this page, to acknowledge that they have been received.

Recieved Submissions

  1. The Bard’s Daughters by Patrick Phelan
    A dramatisation of the creative process; the characters are plays seeking performance and immortality.
  2. Faded Glamour by James Mullen
    Exiles from the Faerie Realm make a home in 30’s Hollywood and struggle with dark emotions that constrict the choices the characters can make.
  3. Blood, Love, and Rhetoric by Jeff R.
    A game of intrigue in the court of a Queen as capricious as she is beautiful, in which character sheets are sonnets composed during play.
  4. Daughters of Exile by Steve Darlington
    Your Father wishes you to marry. You wish to decide for yourself. Cut a path between duty, love and rebellion.
  5. The Exiles’ Tragedy by C. W. Marshall (tophocles)
    Advance the cause of others in this game / (sans ref, sans dice), thy soul preserved proclaim. / But thou a hero art, and seekest fame…

  6. Cardenio’s Daughter, or “Follow the Lady” by Nick Wedig
    One moment, Cardenio is a Duke in exile. Then, he is a college professor. Just as quickly, Cardenio is a foolish rogue. Which is the real world?
  7. Star-Crossed Lovers by Jarad Fennell
    A group of suitors woo their brides-to-be, while seeking to impress their future father-in-law.
  8. Return to Canopy Kingdom by Devon J Kelley
    You and your Actor friends have been kicked out of the Canopy Kingdom. Use your unique skills to get back into Court and capture the Princess!
  9. Chaucer’s Daughter Lost by Bryan Hansel (Bryan)
    Time-traveling Shakespeare kidnaps Chaucer’s daughter, and as ransom, Chaucer must put down his pen. Help quest for Chaucer’s daughter.
  10. Durance by Jason Morningstar
    A game about social hierarchy told through the life of a penal colony, using the tools of savagery, desperation, and servility.

  11. Poor Players by Edward Einhorn
    A game of Shakespeare production most threadbare. The Bard Off-Off Broadway. Can you garner good reviews, or at least avoid bankruptcy?
  12. The Daughter of Padua (+sheet) by Daniel McKenna
    The richest man in Padua’s only daughter must be married in 1 year, she chooses the groom. A storytelling game for 1 Daughter and 2+ Grooms.
  13. Blood Tragedy by Timothy Ferguson
    A game about dying in a tragic bloodbath, Hamlet-style.
  14. The Daughters of Verona by Wilhelm Person
    A storygame of Shakespearean comedy.
  15. My Daughter, The Queen of France by Daniel Wood
    Shakespeare has become estranged from his only daughter; with the help of his friends, he tries to direct a play discovering why.

  16. The Night, the Wilderness, and the Power by Paul Edson
    A dutiful daughter braves the night and the unknown. What will she risk, what promises will she break to gain her heart’s desire?
  17. The Trouble with Rose by Todd Zircher
    A fast and light romp about exiled Rose and her friends. Players create a tale of drama, tragedy, comedy, and betrayal where everyone has a secret agenda.
  18. All’s Well That Ends as You Like It
    by Jennifer Hardy & Matthew Mazurek

    Dueling, wooing, vows kept or forsworn, drunkenness, thievery, costumes, identical twins, rightful rulers, virtuous innocents, ghosts, and much more.
  19. A Clockwork Spiral by Jason A. Petrasko
    Trapped in another world dominated by a strange machine, invited into this madness, discover yourself – explore your mind and possibly escape the spiral!
  20. Tales from the Floodplain: A Rude Mechanicals Adventure
    by Matthew Tyler-Jones

    A hard winter is not yet turned to spring. Cast out of their communities, our exiles discover their inner natures.

  21. Daughters of the Terran Revolution by Ed Murphy
    Exiled convicts on a crashed spaceship tell their stories to an artificial intelligence before the life support gives out.
  22. The Gentlefae of Cremona by Daniele Di Rubbo
    The PCs are exiled Fae who forswore their Oath. Can they restore their Nature or find a new Path? And what’s the role of Desdemona in this?
  23. On This, the Day of My Daughter’s Wedding
    by Michael Bonet & Mitchell Morris

    An RPG based on Shakespearean tragedy with a pregen plot. Players compete over social control of NPCs and a question of royal succession.
  24. Revenge of the Groundlings by Brian Paul & Danielle Rosvally
    Groundlings Unite! With the playhouses closed by plague, it’s up to you and your haphazard memories to perform Shakespeare for the masses!
  25. Isabella’s Exile by Hans Chung-Otterson
    A 2-player, GMed game of overcoming obstacles in exile while seeking love, or return.

  26. The Play’s The Thing by Mark Truman
    Actors attempt to “improve” a Shakespearean play by offering Edits to the Playwright during the rehearsal process.
  27. Tempest Planet by Pat Gamblin
    The Tempest… in Space! …Sort of. Will you fulfill your ambition or succumb to your fate? A game for 1-6 players.
  28. Forsooth! by Sam Liberty & Kevin Spak
    Players each control a small cast of characters to improvise a play of Shakespearean scope without a GM or storyteller.
  29. Miranda’s Gambit by Tim Bryant
    This is a four-player game that simulates the struggle for power among four characters in William Shakespeare’s play The Tempest.
  30. The Faerie Court by Damián Fraustro (Gray Wolf)
    A two-players competitive/cooperative romantic comedy game about love, seduction, sex, dominion, and faeries.

  31. No More Bards by Stephen Bretall
    Characters with their own goals, both tragic and hopeful, defy their exile as things head toward an end that, while likely tragic, has a glimmer of hope.
  32. Exiles of Will by Michael S. Miller
    Five minor characters from the canon seek to end their exile and find a happy ending.
  33. Go Puck Yourself by Orion Canning
    You play a mortal tangled in a web of unrequited love, and a fairy who uses magic powers to toy with the other mortals.
  34. The Wyrd Wood by Angela Craft
    A game of courtly intrigue, set in the courts of Oberon and Titania, King and Queen of the fae.
  35. A Beautiful Death by Kira Scott (anansigirl)
    A tragic game of intrigue, secrets, and the death of your noble character. It’s only once you lose everything that you achieve a Beautiful Death.

  36. Shakesplatter 16k: Dire Adventure into the Spearemageddon
    by Dev Purkayastha

    The Director portrays scenes from Shakespeare. The players pick classes and cool powers. Explosions. Death.
  37. Fates by Matthew Sullivan-Barrett & Gareth Cromie
    3 players create a 3 Act play following the paths leading from a single youthful Choice. In the end one path is chosen and one is forsworn.
  38. Stratford-On-Avon: A Midsummer’s Nightmare by Travis Lindquist
    Survival horror in the land of the fae, where Ophelia has taken Titania captive and exiled Oberon.
  39. You and Me by David A Hill Jr
    You are too good for your betrothed. Change them. They deserve it.
  40. Drama on the Lawn by Tim Rodriguez
    A jeepform game in three acts about a Shakespeare on the Lawn acting troupe.

  41. Globe Records by Mike Olson
    Several shakespearean characters transplanted to an early-’90s-style prime-time soap opera set at a recording label in Los Angeles.
  42. A Midsummer Night’s Scheme
    by Nat Barmore (woodelf) w/ Caitlin Doran

    Exiled faeries compete to prank mortals they care for, in order to regain favor at the Summer Court.
  43. Anastasia: Legacy of Romanovs (+sheet, +components)
    by Filippo Porcelli

    The last years of the Romanovs.
  44. Genesis Undone: A Tragedy in Five Acts by Jim Ryan
    The First Race, exiled from Paradise, now lives in the First City, where they plot to destroy each other.
  45. Forsworn! by Megan Pedersen & Todd Nicholas
    The King is told 3 outlandish stories about the same fateful day, each spun with sincerity and stained with doubts. Which tale rings true?

  46. Shakespeare’s Daughters by Nolan Callender
    Shakespeare’s daughters descend into the world of their father’s plays and must learn about themselves before they can return to their normal lives.
  47. The Lost Years by Matthew Nielsen
    A Game of Shakespeare and time travel. Characters cast out of the Bard’s plays must choose between their mission and their personal desires.
  48. Redemption: One Night in Pursuit by Mark Snyder
    An RPG system set during the Renaissance. Players take the role of previously scorned families vying for a one-night shot for redemption!
  49. Prospero Station by Paul Beakley
    Misunderstandings and mayhem as exiles compete for their freedom before a live audience.
  50. Tempest in a Tea Cup by Shari Corey & Willow Palecek
    A cooperative game exploring the life of Miranda, exiled daughter of the sorcerer Prospero, and the nature spirits that are her friends and teachers.

  51. An Improbable Fiction (+cards)
    by Ashley Griffiths, John Keyworth, & Barbara Croker

    Create a Shakespearen Drama through dialogue, with characters based upon Sonnets.
  52. A Serpent’s Tooth by Ross Cowman
    A King in the twilight of his life loses his kingdom (and GM Authority). A game for people who always wanted to do in the dungeon master.
  53. Forsaken by David Miessler-Kubanek (dmkdesigns)
    A game about Exiles who seek reconciliation for broken promises in order to change their legacy at home.
  54. Shakespeare’s Not Boring! (+demands) by David Berg
    Description TBD.
  55. All the World by Mark Nau
    A structured story-game for three players, inspired by the form and content of Shakespeare’s plays. Will you live a tragedy or a comedy?

  56. Lords of Titania by Hamish Cameron (@peregrinekiwi)
    Oath-breaking, betrayal & murder as a ruling family drifting through space are torn apart in a struggle for power driven by their own flaws.
  57. The Fairy’s Hart by Marc Majcher
    A supernatural romance for two. Oberon’s daughter has fallen in love with a mortal man seen in the forest and must win his love without using her magics.
  58. Men of Stones by Andy Hauge
    Story-based Shakespearean tragedy in five Acts of character-fueled roleplaying. By Act V, bodies litter the stage.
  59. Blood. Lines. by Keyl Sunders
    The Creation of a true master rises against its Creator. You don’t necessarily take sides but, as the audience, you make things happen.
  60. The Great Bard by Michael Wenman
    A game devised by the King’s Men to develop plays while their “Great Bard” sleeps in a drunken stupor in the corner.

  61. As I Am Woman by Joel P. Shempert
    A Shakespearean woman takes gender subversion to extremes. Play out the repercussions across five acts!
  62. Succession by Cedric Plante
    A game about succession of power and ruling families being torn apart.
  63. Drama Club by Morgan Stinson
    This game is about broken promises, reVENGE, and awkward teenage kisses.
  64. We Can’t Find Shakspeare’s Head by Benjamin Branson
    The funeral’s in forty minutes. Everything’s in order, except: you can’t find Shakespeare’s head. Find out who took it, or the queen will take yours.
  65. The Fair Folk & the Wyrd Sisters: A Tragic Comedy of Love & Death
    (+decks) by Daniel Hoffmann w/ Good Idea Games

    Faeries and Witches compete in a diceless battle of wits to create a narrative manipulating star-crossed lovers to a comedic or tragic fate.
  66. The Temptress by Paul Lyons
    A mystery! Court women on the Isle of the sorceress, win the heart of your perfect match, and reveal the disguised sorceress’s identity.

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