Submission Guidelines: 14 Days

The submission guidelines for Week Two are exactly the same as Week One. However, note that folks who’ve already submitted their games can only resubmit their games for more medals if they have played and revised their games since their last submission.

The Week Two deadline is Monday night at 11:59:59pm (or by whenever I wake up the next morning).

Reply to this post with the following info:

– Your NAME(S) and/or handle(s)
– The name of your GAME
– A LINK to a place where folks can read / download / acquire it
– An elevator PITCH with a maximum length of 140 characters (NOT words; includes spaces)
– A list of all the MEDALS you’re claiming for this submission period
– Optional: 1-2 people who were of major HELP

So, for example, here’s an imaginary submission for a game I didn’t actually write:

Jonathan Walton & Sam Totman
Carrying On Through the Flames to Eternity

For the dream of undying glory, the Heroes of All Time ride valiant steeds to victory over the Burning Fields of Despair.

One Week, Two Weeks, Fleur-De-Lis, Star, A/V, Heritage (remix of Polaris, GC2004), Flatland, Save Water (co-written).

Special thanks to Herman Li and ZP Theart.

If you don’t end up making this deadline, there will be another one coming more than two weeks later, at the end of the month.


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