Submission Guidelines: 7 Days

Here’s how you submit your game, if you’ve got a draft finished before Monday at midnight (for whatever time zone you’re in).

Reply to this post with the following info:

– Your NAME(S) and/or handle(s)
– The name of your GAME
– A LINK to a place where folks can read / download / acquire it
– An elevator PITCH with a maximum length of 140 characters (NOT words; includes spaces)
– A list of all the MEDALS you’re claiming for this submission period
– Optional: 1-2 people who were of major HELP

So, for example, here’s an imaginary submission for a game I didn’t actually write:

Jonathan Walton / Jaywalt
5000 Megawatts of P-Funk Power II: Dr. Funkenstein’s Boogielicious Revenge

The clones of the late Doctor Funkenstein attempt to assemble a very funky machine that will “tear the roof off the sucka.”

One Week, Intrigue, Dividers, Star, Al Gore, A/V, Brevity, Zombies

Special thanks to George Clinton and Bootsy Collins.

If you don’t end up making this deadline, there will be another one coming 7 days later.


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