2009 Submissions

  1. The Adventures of Sir Working Title by Darcy Burgess
    Your kids will play knights in a world you create with them. They’ll go on adventurous quests and get embroiled in court intrigues.

  2. A Sea Deep, Cursed and Rotting by John Laviolette / Talysman
    When the zombie crew claims you, both Sea and Sky damn you to Life-in-Death. Return to your loved ones… or the truly dead.

  3. Boile de Muertre by Rich Rogers
    In another world where the French Empire never faded, you play a deadly sport for minor nobles and carry out their dirty deeds in secret.

  4. Caribbean Secrets by Jen Schoonover / Hademon
    You have been sent to investigate rumors of a cult in the South Seas. Can you determine whether the rumors are true before it’s too late? Be careful, this game will leave marks!

  5. Conspiracy of Strings by Davide Losito
    This is a game of Wonder, Exploration and Espionage, where you will be send all over Reality to find keys of knowledge that will bring you to clues of further recoverings, picturing a route to the final prize of the Star of All Knowledge, the ultimate Artifact which grants eternal-everything.

  6. Dead Running by Jarvis Mishler / Jarvis
    Everyone’s psychic, but dead minds can’t be read. Now zombies run missions to deliver high priority information. Welcome to The Company.

  7. Final Hour of a Storied Age: A Roleplaying Game of Epic Fantasy by Dan Maruschak
    A GM-less no-prep game designed to create stories like those found in epic fantasy novels.

  8. Honor by Day by John Keyworth
    Play knights at a medieval tournament as they use a mix of honour and deceit to win.

  9. I’m a Pretty Princess! by Caoimhe Ora Snow
    An all-ages story game of pretty princesses, coloring books, fairy godmothers, crayons, and did I mention — pretty princesses?

  10. Intrigue onboard the Fleur-de-lis by Raffaele Manzo
    An improvisational game of intrigue on the high seas, where all of the intrigue is retconned. In 1773, a French ship in the southern Indian Ocean is just about to cross the 45th Parallel…

  11. The Knights of the Lily by Antti Lax
    The Knights try to stop a global organization of Enforcers who protect the world. Too bad that the world doesn’t want their protection.

  12. Land of Ill Harvest: A Game of Brutal Horror and Quiet Miracles by Noah Trammell
    Cataclysmic supernatural happenings threaten survivors in Kansas as the known world ends.

  13. Mappa Mundorum by Jeff R.
    Action and Espionage in an age of Planetary Romance. A competitive story-game for five players, playable online or off.

  14. The Miriam Incongruity by Bryan Hansel / Bryan
    A child, born on a remote planet, is key to defeating the undead theocracy. A group of protectors must deliver her to safety.

  15. Mutiny on the Seabird by Wayne Humfleet / Lumrunner
    Pirates plot a mutiny aboard the Seabird. The captain must go but who will take his place?

  16. Noble Houses of the Seabird by John Evans / Chaoseed
    The Old City is in ruins; the Noble Houses move their intrigues to giant seabirds and plot by message for the long flight.

  17. OdE by Larry Najar / causticbuddhist
    Join the adventures of the Ordre de Etoile and its famously super band of heroes. Fight against the Order of Reason and the Dread Legions.

  18. Seabird and Stella by Tony Dowler
    An experimental game for 1-5 players: Stella knows. Seabird sees. Three men entangled in a an intrigue and Stella’s life in the balance.

  19. Seabirds vs. Dividers by Chris Perrin
    One the eve of the greatest concert in history, two bands meet to reminisce about their origins and talk smack on each other. Metal rules!

  20. Slow Burn by Leo M. Lalande
    Blacklisted spies solve delicate problems for desperate people while also working to get off the blacklist.

  21. Steampunk Crescendo by Dave Michael
    Vampires save the world! Or do they? A clever mix of Steampunk, Victoriana, Magic, Superscience and vampires!

  22. Transhumanism: An Intricate Affair by Filbolg
    A transhumanist game set in the far future.


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