2010 Playoff Rules

The Basics
At the end of the 2010 Game Chef Playoffs — which ran from Nov 5 to Dec 15 — the winner of Game Chef 2010 was determined to be Never to Die by James Mullen (#3), the Finalist which saw the most play by different groups of people during the playoff period.

The Finalists

  1. Danger Mountain! by Jason Morningstar
    Danger Mountain is a short, colorful game about surviving a natural disaster in the seventies. Where there is a Mountain, there is Danger!

  2. Pub Crawl: Take the Edge Off by Samuel Briggson
    No description yet.

    • Playoff Score:

  3. Never to Die by James Mullen
    A bunch of lads have a night out in the City, but a tragedy will ensure that this is their last night out ever as lads.

  4. Long Shot by Nick Wedig
    You are a living on humanity’s first interstellar colony. You have just learned that no more supply ships are coming from Earth. How will you survive now?

  5. The Hand of Gulliver the Man-Mountain by Mike Pohjola
    Your finger is your Lilliputian character that explores the GM’s hand, which represents the hand of Gulliver who just washed ashore. It’s the world’s first manual-digital-tactile roleplaying game.

  6. Chronicles of Skin by Sebastian Hickey
    A pictographic story of people at war.

  7. Burial at Crossroads by Bryan Hansel
    A motley crew must deliver what is basically a corpse-in-box across God-forsaken post-apocalyptic cowboy country without killing each other.

  8. Walkabout by Michael Wenman
    The apocalypse came. Spirits ravaged the land and destroyed the cities. Heroes roam the world, cleansing spirit taint and righting wrongs.

  9. In Skin City, You Need An Edge by David Wendt / Doc Blue
    When society has failed you, you must rely on your edge to survive. Players fill a word grid as the narrate their struggles in Skin City.

  10. Cosmic Journey by Krista White
    As Galactic Roadies, you must bring the Celestial Guardians back to the Cosmic Temple to save the universe. But beware the Adversaries!

  11. Edge City by Tomas HV Mørkrid
    You are explorers of The Edge of the world, in a capsule that is hoisted down by wire to the cliffs beneath Edge City. You pray that the wire, and your sanity, will hold…

    • Playoff Score:

  12. Broken Dream by Jason A. Petrasko
    No description yet.

  13. Sojourn: The City and The Desert by Brendan G. Conway
    No description yet.

  14. Under the Sun by Anna Kreider
    No description yet.

  15. Deserting Paradise by Joe Mcdaldno
    You stole immortality. The Man wants it back. The City is alive and under his spell. Deserting Paradise: a post-punk voodoo escape drama.

  16. Going Home: An Urban Power Fantasy by Mikael Andersson / lachek
    Going Home is an urban power fantasy about mysterious characters on unknown trajectories.

    • Playoff Score:

  17. Desert Journey by John Evans
    Two or more players guide a lost soul to…redemption? Death? Or something else?

  18. Man-of-Letters, Man-of-Wars: A Game of Tactical Correspondence with a Chance of Drowning by E. Tage Larsen / Double King
    Part saucy libertine epistolary novel and part age-of-sail slugfest — a gm-less game about letter writing and naval battles. Bon voyage!

  19. Sparks from the Fire by Brennan Taylor
    Journey to Siqaba and make your sacrifice to the Burning One. Tell your stories along the way to see what is gained and what is lost.

  20. Action City! by Mike Olson
    A game of quip-spewing heroes, ruthless villains, and the people caught in between them. And the ’80s. And explosions. Mostly it’s about explosions.

  21. Silver and White by Jackson Tegu
    Four suburban teenagers encounter the mystery that will shape their lives. They explore, and each time they touch, we exchange cards.

    • Resources: new revised playoff version linked above.

  22. Bridge Across Eternity by Tamara Persikova
    A “tool-kit” game of desertion, second-guessing and making a choice between your commitments and your conscience.

  23. Skin Men by Marc Majcher
    A biopunk adventure game in which a team of unmodified specialists escorts their hunted and scorned genetically enhanced clients to freedom.

  24. Over The Wall by Jonathan Lavallee
    No description yet.

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